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You have worked long and hard to achieve success in your career.  You are used to accomplishing what you want in life and at work.  Yet, at times, it would be helpful to have someone there as a sounding board whom you know you could trust.  Someone who understands the world you live in and can empathize while remaining objective. Someone who will push you to go a bit further and faster than you might do on your own. Someone who will bear witness to your goal setting and hold you accountable for staying on track.   

You are driving your management team hard to move the organization forward in important, yet challenging ways.  At times, you have an inkling that people are afraid to be as candid as they need to be to ensure that tough issues are being wrestled to the ground in an open and productive way.  Having someone work with you and your team who can help you create the right environment for fruitful discussion would be of great value to you.  Someone who has the right level of experience and confidence to work effectively with your executives. Someone they will respect as a colleague.  Someone who will challenge the team to face tough issues head on and who will ensure that all perspectives are heard and considered.  Someone who will help the team work more effectively together.

Jeanne M. Lebens is an executive and leadership coach who has decades of experience as a successful business leader. She offers private and corporate-sponsored coaching services for individuals and groups, and she is available to facilitate executive forums and off-site retreats.  She has spent most of her career among executives and Boards of Directors and prides herself on dealing effectively with even the most discriminating of audiences.

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