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Read "Actuarial Leadership: A Missed Opportunity or an Oxymoron?


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  • Corporate Umami - Creating "Wow" in the Workplace
  • Creating -- and actually ACHIEVING -- High Impact Goals
  • The Hidden Downside of Professional Mastery


Click here to take a confidential Leadership Profile Assessment.


The assessment uses a proprietary system called "ChangeWorks" and produces a report called a ChangeGrid.


Here's what the ChangeGrid will reveal:


  • how ready you are to perform activities that are critical for effective leadership
  • the opportunities for growth in your leadership potential
  • strengths you have that can be fully leveraged to improve your success as a leader.      

 Taking the assessment is simple and will only take 10 minutes:


1) Click on the link: Leadership Assessment


2) Fill out your contact information (your privacy is protected)


3) Follow the instructions to complete your profile


4) We will contact you to set up a free phone consultation to debrief your ChangeGrid.

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